Who is this dynamic duo?

Vancouver commercial photographers Lachlan and Emily started their partnership back in 2011 when they met working as photographers at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. Initially starting as event and fashion photographers under the name "Two Flies Photography", they have since changed their business name and focus to specialize in commercial photography and wedding photography. They provide two unique perspectives: him self-taught & technically mastered and her educated with a BFA in Visual Arts. With their distinct backgrounds, they provide a balanced approach – unmatched in focus, technique, and creativity.

Being proud to live on the west coast they feel grateful to be able to photograph in and around the greater Vancouver area, along with Whistler, Vancouver Island, as well as the Okanagan. Unlike many photographers who work with an assistant, Lachlan and Emily are both experienced Vancouver photographers so each project is approached from two unique perspectives. Their imaginations and versatility go unsurpassed for your photographic needs.

Lachlan McAdam

Technical Director / Photographer

Alias: The Smoke

Sign: Pisces
Favourite Food: Chicken Parmesan and Chocolate (not necessarily together)
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse
Languages: English
Years in the industry: 10+
Education: Multiple photography and technical lighting courses at Emily Carr and Vancouver Photo Workshops. Countless hours of online photography tutorials and seminars.

Bragging Rights: Presented by the curator of the Fashion Museum of Paris, his fashion photos were exclusively used to represent Vancouver during the North American tour to celebrate Yves Saint Laurent’s 50th anniversary.

Vision, Focus, Technical Direction! Lachlan is obsessed with lighting. Whether he’s meticulously adjusting lights for a cocktail party at home, or designing an elaborate studio lighting setup for a portrait, he insists on creating the perfect mood. While his partner Emily focuses her attention on the client, he ensures the studio lighting is fine-tuned and seamlessly calibrated to create the final image he envisioned. When it comes to photography, Lachlan continually demonstrates that custom lighting makes the difference.

With his roots in fashion photography, Lachlan is also accustomed to high pressure situations. He thrives in circumstances where you only get one shot to deliver for your client, as the hustle channels his focus and determination.

Emily White

Creative Director / Photographer

Alias: The Mirrors

Sign: Leo
Favourite Food: Pirogies
Hobbies: Hunting, Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Hiking & Trail Running with her part-time dog, Kickboxing, gourmet cooking & drinking boxed wine
Languages: English / French
Years in the industry: 8+
Education: University of Victoria, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bragging Rights: She’s an accomplished sailor, certified to command a vessel up to 85 feet in international waters!

Presentation, Composition, Art Direction! Emily loves to excel at her craft and ensures her photography clients get the best product. While some photographers stay silent behind the camera and focus only on “the shot”, Emily’s first priority is client comfort. Her ability to engage, connect and make her subjects laugh always delivers more relaxed and natural photographs and a more pleasurable experience.

While her partner Lachlan is always ensuring the lighting is just right, she is focusing on the details within the shot. From a more flattering camera angle, a stray hair or creased blouse, Emily insists you and your photos look your best!

What are our clients saying?

  • Jasmin Bhandal
    Lachlan and Emily were such a pleasure to work with again, our photoshoot with them was by far one of the most fun workdays of the year. They were able to beautifully capture our vision making it nearly impossible not to select every option as our final options for the website. The pair work impeccably together, maximizing their time and ours. We have definitely found our new go-to photographers.
    Jasmin Bhandal
    Corporate Strategy Analyst, ConEcon Consultants
  • Jeff Grace
    Lachlan and Emily are amazing at what they do. In our first meeting I described the photos I wanted and how I intended to use them. Their knowledge of their craft enabled them to provide me with several the ideas and options. I have used the photos they took on my website, in my marketing and in different services I provide my clients with incredible success.
      I would highly recommend Lachlan and Emily because of how easy they were to work with, their professionalism and the quality of the product they provide.
    Jeff Grace
    Owner, Excel with Grace Yoga
  • Jaime Ward
    AMAZING!! In my career I've dealt with a ton of photographers and never have I come across such a talented creative duo! Lachlan and Emily did an amazing job on our photos for our company, Yassin&Ward. They were fast, fun to work with and innovative! They captured a series of photos that surpassed our needs and expectations.
    Jaime Ward
    Co-owner, Yassin&Ward Creative Agency
  • Ritchie Yip
    We first used Lachlan and Emily photography for a studio photo shoot for pics for our website. I was absolutely impressed by their professionalism, how organized they were, and the pictures were incredible. We have since used Lachlan and Emily photography for several of our big events including belt ceremonies and the opening of our second location. I recommend Lachlan and Emily photography without reservation. They're simply the best!
    Ritchie Yip
    Owner, InFighting Training Systems